Hello ATPS Community

A reminder that the Colour Fun Run Sponsorship Forms are due tomorrow (Thursday 26 October).


Benjamin Higgins

Hello Community,


Please see our Term 4 Planner which has been uploaded to our School Website.


Term 4 Planner 2023

Hello ATPS Community


This week your child/ren will be bringing home information and sponsor sheet regarding the Colour Fun Run on Friday 27th October.
Please take the time to have a read as it’s a big fundraising event for our school.


Benjamin Higgins

Good afternoon Parents and Caregivers,

As you are aware we have our School Photos in Week 1 of Term 4.
A note went home with all children regarding this on Tuesday.
Midland Photography have changed to online payment and have provided detailed instructions, which I have also attached to this notice.
Please contact Midland Photography or the front office if you have any problems.
Kind regards,
Benjamin Higgins

Hello Families

Please find information attached to this post about the Building Condition Assessment that will be taking place on Monday 28 August.

Drone BCA Inspection (Parents)


Benjamin Higgins

Good afternoon all!
Welcome to Week 10 and what a busy week it will be with our Edu-Dance Concert, Swimming Carnival and the P&C Easter Raffle. Just a few reminders about the events.

Edu-Dance Concert
This event is being held tomorrow afternoon (4th April) on the front basketball court at 5pm. All students are required to return to school at 4.30pm and be taken straight to their classrooms in their full costume ready to perform. At the end of the concert, students will return to their class where you will be able to collect them from. School gates will close at 6pm. Students who are in OSH on Tuesday afternoon will be receiving separate communication from the OSH Team. The team on Tuesday afternoon will be getting students ready for the concert and taking them to their classroom at 4.30pm. Parents will need to collect their child from the classroom at the end of the concert.
Tickets – we have had such a great response to families wanting tickets and are looking forward to seeing so many people at the concert. This has unfortunately meant that we are unable to open tickets up again and offer more to families.
Just a reminder that the basketball court area won’t be available for families to find a space until 4.30pm.

Swimming Carnival
This event is taking place on Wednesday afternoon (5th April) at Bayswater Waves between 11.30am and 2.30pm. This event is for students in Years 3-6 who have nominated themselves to participated in the event. Parents and family members are able to attend the carnival, however, will need to pay a spectator’s fee on arrival at the pool. We ask that parents and family members sit on the chairs provided on the grass area on the playground side of the pool. There will be plenty of space for people to view the carnival. We also ask that during the carnival there is no parent/student contact with purchasing meals, drinks or treats from the café.
The carnival will commence with the Year 3 boys 25m Freestyle and work through the year levels and each swimming style. I have attached a copy of the program to this notice for your perusal.

P&C Easter Raffle
This will take place on Thursday afternoon (6th April) at 1pm in the undercover area. Good luck to everyone who has purchased tickets.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact the school office.


Good afternoon parents/care givers,

Edu-Dance Concert will take place on Tuesday 4th April on the front basketball court (junior play area). We will be holding one concert this year which will start at 5pm and should only run for approximately 45 minutes. All students from Pre-Primary to Year 6 have participated in the 9 week program and are required to be part of the performance.

As this is the first time we have held the concert altogether and in the evening, there are a few things that need to happen to make the event run smoothly.

Students will go home from school as normal at 2.45pm. We ask that all children return to school at 4.30pm and are taken straight to their classroom in their full costume ready to perform. Teachers will be waiting there for their class. Students will be taken to the concert by their teacher and sit in class/year level whilst waiting to perform. At the end of the concert, all students will be taken back to their classroom by their teacher. Parents will need to collect their child from the classroom. Please be prompt to collect your child. The school gates will be closed at 6pm.
Tickets – we will be ticketing the event through Eventbrite, there is no cost for the tickets. As we haven’t held an Edu-Dance Concert in this format or this space before, we are unsure of the numbers we can have. At this stage, we are going to limit the ticket numbers to 4 tickets per family (this includes split families). Please only validate the number of tickets you require. Closer to the event we will look at numbers and open up more tickets if we are able to. Please click on the link below to secure your tickets.


Seating – the concert will run longways on the basketball court with the students dancing at the ECE end of the basketball court. Students will sit directly in front of the stage area. There will be a roped off area around that section. We ask that family members don’t enter this area. For families to sit and watch the event, we will have three levels of seating. Directly behind the students, we will have a section for families who are happy to sit on the ground and watch (please bring a picnic rug if you wish). We will then move into a seated section and a standing room section. Please note that the basketball court will only be available for families to find a space to sit from 4.30pm. It is a first in, best dressed situation. If you are looking for a seat, we recommend getting there at 4.30pm as there are only 150 seats available.
For students who are in OSH until 4.30pm on the day, we will have more information to come prior to the concert.
We will update through Connect as more information comes to hand. Please contact the school if you have any questions.


Amanda McAlpine

Deputy Principal

Easter Raffle 
Going home this week are raffle tix in a ziplock bag, if you would like to buy raffle tix for your child, please write their name and classroom number on EACH ticket, not just one ticket in the bag and return to the box in the front office with correct cash inside.
We are still welcoming donations for the raffle and these can be left at the office also.
Raffle will be drawn at special assembly on Thursday 6th April.
Mandy Gratzer
P&C President

Hello Families,


I hope that everyone is well!

I have some very exciting news, some of you may remember that last year we had a Parent BullyZero Session that was facilitated by a lovely lady by the name of Ze. Well, this year we have the pleasure of inviting Ze back to hold another Session for our Parents. The Session for Parents is titled “Safety Net for Parents”. This program outlines; what is Cyber Bullying, current Statistics, current online/social media trends and dangers, account management and where to get help. These are just some things that Ze will touch on. I highly recommend that you attend this session, last year the session was very well received by those that attended.

I will be providing a light refreshment and Tea / Coffee will be available.


The session will be held at our school on Thursday 11 May from 6pm and will run for 1.5 hours.


Students from Years 3-6 will be attending two different sessions that helps them understand what bullying is, what Cyber Bullying is and is not, Online activity etc.

The Year 5&6 Students will be participating in another session titled “Step Up” later in the year and this session outlines how to interact with others, how to face challenges, skills and mindset etc.

If you are wanting to attend, please RSVP to me by 27 April.

Should you have any questions or to RSVP, please email me at:




Benjamin Higgins

Student Wellbeing Officer

Dear Parents & Care givers,

The P&C invites you to join us for a family campout on the School Oval on Saturday 1st April 2023 from 4pm.
We’re excited to bring families together and make this evening a welcoming occasion to all.
You are welcome to come just for the evening for a picnic and a play or set up your tent and camp for the night.

This is a BYO everything event. Your tent, bedding, chairs and anything that makes you feel comfortable.

The school amenities will be available but all children are to be supervised by their own parents at this event.

The P&C will not be providing any equipment or supplies but we will be putting on $5 Burgers for Dinner and a BBQ breakfast choice of either $5 Bacon & Egg rolls or $3 pancakes via preorder.
Please note: You can preorder burgers for dinner whether you’re camping or not, just explain so on the RSVP form below.
There will be small fee for camping: $5/head capped at a maximum of $20 per family.

Simply RSVP via the slip that will be sent home today along with your payment informing us;
– If you wish to camp
– How many of you there will be camping
– Your meal requirements so that the P&C can ensure they have adequate quantities.
Then return this form to the P&C letterbox inside the office.

Looking forward to a fantastic evening together!
Mandy Gratzer
P&C President

Campout Letter