Please visit our Enrolment Page for information on how to enrol your child at Anzac Terrace Primary School.

Connect Registration

Medical Details

Mobile Phone

The Department of Education does not permit the use of student mobile phones during school hours.

The School understands that for some students, it is a necessity to have access to a mobile phone for personal use  before and after school. It is a requirement that ALL mobile phones are kept in the Front Office during the day. A signed permisssion form to have a mobile phone at school must be signed by both a parent/carer and the student, acknowledging the conditions under which a mobile phone can be brought to school.

Voluntary Parent Helpers

Anzac Terrace Primary School welcomes the assistance of parents in whatever capacity as part of the teaching and learning program offered.

Programmes such as “Listening to Reading” provide valuable assistance to the class teachers.

If you have the time and wish to volunteer your support you need to complete the “Voluntary Parent Helpers” form and submit it to the Front Office.

Permission Slips

Children are NOT PERMITTED to attend an out of school activity without having the required permission slip completed and signed by their parent / guardian.

Copies of permission slips given to children for excursions and other school activities are available from their class teacher.

Change of Details

Please complete this form and forward it to the school as soon as any details change, eg: phone number, address or emergency contact details.

It is most important that enrolment details are kept up to date to avoid any difficulties when it comes to contacting you for any reason.