School Plan

Our School Plan sets the broad direction our school intends to take over a period of years. It outlines our purpose, beliefs and what we value as a school. It also sets out our key objectives in terms of the academic and social development of the children in our care. It also provides an overall framework which allows us to engage in the self-reflection process in order to ensure accountability for school improvement.

Annual Report

Each year our School is required to demonstrate its accountability by producing an Annual Report. This Annual Report displays information about our achievements, highlights, finances, and progress in targeted areas.

Additional information about our School’s performance can be found by accessing the following links to the websites listed below:

Schools Online – Our Education Department’s link to Anzac Terrace PS

My School Web – The Federal Government’s website detailing school achievements in the national testing programme.(NAPLAN)


Our school is governed by a series of policies, many of which are determined by the Education Department.

From time to time, our school develops and implements policies which have direct implications on the effective functioning of our school. All of these policies have been developed in accordance with Education Department guidelines and have been approved by your School Council.

There have been some changes to our Behaviour Management system. These changes are reflected in the Behaviour Cards – click the link below to view them.

Other Policies