We all want our children to be fit and healthy 100% of the time, but this is not always the case. Children come to school with;

  • Long term medical problems
  • Short term illnesses / injuries requiring medication
  • Conditions that require management through a health care or action plan.

Parents are required to ensure the school is properly advised of any medical conditions that may affect their child while at school, and to keep us informed of any changes to conditions such as medication, health care plans and physical problems.  Various forms can be found in the Forms section under Medical Details for parents to complete. Where possible parents should administer any medications at home, but sometimes it is unavoidable that they must be administered at school. Requests for this to occur must be made on the form provided.

When a child becomes sick, or is injured at school we take the following action;

  • For very minor cuts, scrapes, bumps etc – basic first aid is given at school.
  • Where any injury or illness appears more concerning parents will be notified and asked to collect their child from school. If parents can’t be contacted then we will contact the listed emergency contact. This is why it is so important to keep all your contact details up to date. Basic first aid will be applied as necessary.