BullyZero Parent Session

Hello Families,


I hope that everyone is well!

I have some very exciting news, some of you may remember that last year we had a Parent BullyZero Session that was facilitated by a lovely lady by the name of Ze. Well, this year we have the pleasure of inviting Ze back to hold another Session for our Parents. The Session for Parents is titled “Safety Net for Parents”. This program outlines; what is Cyber Bullying, current Statistics, current online/social media trends and dangers, account management and where to get help. These are just some things that Ze will touch on. I highly recommend that you attend this session, last year the session was very well received by those that attended.

I will be providing a light refreshment and Tea / Coffee will be available.


The session will be held at our school on Thursday 11 May from 6pm and will run for 1.5 hours.


Students from Years 3-6 will be attending two different sessions that helps them understand what bullying is, what Cyber Bullying is and is not, Online activity etc.

The Year 5&6 Students will be participating in another session titled “Step Up” later in the year and this session outlines how to interact with others, how to face challenges, skills and mindset etc.

If you are wanting to attend, please RSVP to me by 27 April.

Should you have any questions or to RSVP, please email me at:




Benjamin Higgins

Student Wellbeing Officer