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Principal’s Message

Good afternoon Parents / Caregivers,

And welcome to our last Newsletter for Term 1 (Where did that go?)

Edu-Dance Concert
How good was the Edu-Dance Concert last week?  Congratulations to all students who took part in the event; the dances and dancers were amazing.  My thanks to all staff who helped to make this event so great; the hours of practice and the extra details in costume were fantastic.  Also my thanks to the Edu-Dance team, in particular Julie (dance teacher) whose energy and approach were fantastic.  Edu-Dance is now an annual event at Anzac Terrace … can’t wait for the next one !!

Voluntary Contributions
Thank you to all families who have paid the Voluntary Contributions for 2018; it is greatly appreciated. All monies collected assist with the provision of student resources to enhance teaching.  Unfortunately we are down on last year’s contributions and would ask that if you have not paid, would you please consider doing so.
As promised there will be a raffle held this Friday afternoon for all who have paid their contributions (there’s still time).  I don’t have one prize to be drawn … I have two !!! Ziggies Educational Supplies have generously donated two vouchers for your complete Student Requirement Lists (SRL) for 2019.  That means, you will not have to pay a cent for any of the School Requirements for one of your children in 2019; everything on the Year level list will be provided for you … In fact, you won’t even need to order it, that will be done for you too !!   If you do win and your child is in Year 7 next year and therefore not at ATPS, they will contribute toward their high school SRL. Winners will be announced via Connect this Friday afternoon !!

Onyas !!
Do you know of an Anzac Terrace staff member that deserves to be acknowledged for the work they do? Has this staff member gone above and beyond their role? Has this staff member impacted your life and/or others? Has this staff member helped to make Anzac Terrace such a great Primary School?
If so, why don’t you let them know?  I am pleased to inform you there is now a way to do this.  Anzac Terrace PS staff now have the Onyas !! (as in Good Onya – Well Done)  If you would like to acknowledge one (or more) staff member for doing such a great job or going that extra mile, come into the School Office and fill out an Onya !!  All staff will receive these recommendations from you plus go into the weekly draw to receive a “get out of duty free” card from me. So please, get nominating.

School Holidays and Child Safety
School holidays are a time to relax and enjoy the break from school; however they are also a time when many students are injured on our roads. As parents we have a responsibility to ensure our children are properly supervised when on or near roads, car parks and driveways, as this is where many injuries and fatalities occur. In the last two weeks I have had to speak with a number of students and families who have just run across the staff carpark without looking; it is imperative for your child’s safety that students and family use the crosswalk at the bottom of the carpark.  It is also imperative that all kids are taught how to look for traffic and cross a road or carpark safely. Please keep watch over children during these holidays, as we want to see you and your family back after the break.

Anzac Terrace Primary School will be honouring the ANZACs through our ANZAC Day ceremony on Friday 4 May commencing at 8:30am.  We would love to see you there to help all students commemorate the day.

Have a great break,

Stuart Blackwood

Aussie of the Month

The Aussie of the Month award recognises personal endeavour, achievement and contribution to the community.

The awards also reflect some of the values we share as Australians, a sense of fair play, generosity of spirit, commitment to community participation and a real concern for the environment.

Twice a Term, two students are chosen as the Aussies of the Month and the recipients are presented with the Aussie of the Month badge and certificate at a school assembly.

The certificate and badge is kept by recipients as a memento of the occasion.

Congratulations to Dex and Saoirse our Aussies of the Month for April. Well done!

Dex H

Year 1, Room 2

Saoirse D

Year 6, Room 15

Honour Certificates

Congratulations to the following students who were presented with an Honour Certificate at the last Assembly.

ECB 2Harry D and Violet G
ECB 3Bea B and Boston C
2Blake M and Samuel W
3Xavier H and Ava T
5Arwen L and Mei S
6Abdul B and Jasmine O
11Blake C and Alexis D
12Taj C and Rocky-Junior L
13Phoenix D and Ty S
14Matthew C and Charlotte M
15Angelo N and Minaida P
17Riley H and Tyson J
18Keyo B and Nathan W
ArtLachlan H and Evangeline L

Students receive Honour Certificates as acknowledgement for achievement in academic success, social skills and thoughtfulness to others.

Being a Reading Sensation

As most of our students read each night, the BEARS reading program is not extra work for students, parents and caregivers or teachers, it is simply a method of calculating the number of nights the students read, and then rewards them at strategic numbers, eg 50, 100, 200 and so on.

Well done to the following students who have read for –

50 Nights
Room 2Ruby C and Blake M
Room 5Abigael I
Room 11Liam B and Ava C
Room 12Arye B, Taj C, Mitchell M and Florence Q

Reminders and Upcoming Events

Friday 13 AprilP&C Fundraiser
Subway Lunches
Friday 13 AprilLast day of Term 1
Monday 30 AprilFirst day of Term 2
Friday 4 MayANZAC Day Assembly

Room 14

Room 14 has worked extremely hard on persuasive writing this term. To create our own whole class persuasive text, students were split into groups with each group given the responsibility of producing one paragraph in our text persuading others why reading a book might just be better than watching TV. They did a wonderful job!


It is obvious that books are so much better than TV because not only are they engrossing and educational, they are healthier than sitting on a couch all day causing you to gain weight and damage your eyesight. When you read a book you can picture the destination or place in your head. Also, books are much easier to carry around but if you try carrying a TV, you will need a trailer or a car to carry it. Do you want to grow up knowing you should have started reading books earlier instead of watching TV as a kid?

Firstly, books are superior because you can improve your reading skills and become stronger at spelling. Imagine being the smartest in your class and getting 100% in all your spelling tests. In fact, research has found that reading each night can improve spelling test results by 35%. Although TV might be amusing, books are way more educational. Books are awesome for all ages and provide more information than TV. Do you want to get better at spelling and reading? Well, start reading now!

Secondly, you can imagine what happens in your own mind when you read a book. You can use your imagination, whereas with TV the picture is already shown and you can’t create it in your own mind.  Using your imagination with books can be extremely useful because you can create anything you want. This is good because there is an incredible variety of pictures you can create but with TV, there’s only one picture and that’s nowhere near as interesting. Just imagine sitting under a big, shady tree reading a big, thick book and getting lost in the story. Next time you want to watch TV, don’t! Instead, use your brain and read a book.

Thirdly, it’s critical to keep your eyesight so you don’t run into things and injure yourself. It is easy to damage your eyesight and your health when you watch TV, not to mention if you watch TV all day you won’t be able to get to sleep at night. You would also have to pay lots of money for new glasses or contacts. You need to be fit and healthy when you’re a kid so when you’re older (in your 80s and 90s) you can live much longer. Imagine a couch potato that has square eyes, do you really want that to be you? Wouldn’t it feel so much better to read a book outside and get some fresh air rather than sit around indoors?

Books are clearly superior because they are easy to carry unlike heavy pieces of technology. If you drop technology such as a TV it will shatter or break but if you drop a book it won’t. Imagine having to pick up all the little, tiny pieces of a smashed screen, that would be so frustrating! Plus you would have to pay more money to buy another iPad. Because of this books can take a lot of weight off your shoulders. Also, you can’t watch TV on a train because there are no power points! At night when your mum and dad tell you to go to bed you can still pull out a book and read rather than turning on a TV and waking your parents up with the loud racket. 62% of parents report being woken up at night because of the noise of a TV.

Books are certainly better than TV; there is no doubt about it. Books are more educational than TV and also let you put your imagination to the test but TV does that for you. TV can be bad for your eyesight and books are much easier to carry when you’re out and about. Time to go to the book store and get some books!

Artwork Dislay in the Front Office

Message From Your School Council

Dear Parents and Friends,

Your School Council needs your help.  During Term 2 the council will be working to nominate our deserving staff for the upcoming Education Awards.  The ONYA awards, developed in part after consultation with the P&C and School Council, will form our nominations this year.  It is a great time for you to show your appreciation and recognise our hard-working staff for an ONYA. Along with input from staff themselves, the ONYA awards will provide much-needed evidence to support our nominations of staff for the 2018 Education Awards.  So if you have been waiting to nominate someone for an ONYA, now is the time.   To nominate, see Lina or Sue in the front office.  They will be glad to help.

As always, you can email your School Council at if you would like to raise any issues for discussion at our upcoming meeting.

Warm regards,

Adam Cheetham

ATPS Council Chair

P&C Fundraising – Entertainment Book

After such success in the past years, the P&C are continuing to fundraise with the Entertainment Book again this year.

Books are now ready for PRE Sale and Digital Memberships can be used from Now.

Click here if you would like to purchase one.

Anzac Terrace Primary School Playgroup

If you are looking for a place where your little ones can play with other children or you are looking for a bit of socialising then click on the link below for more information.

Play Group

OSHC program phone: 0428 197 483

OSHClub WA Head Office: 03 85649000

Coordinator: Jennifer Archer                 Educator: Monique Wright

All families must be enrolled to attend the program, remember this is easy and free!! Please create an account online at all bookings and cancellations can also be managed via your online account. For on the day bookings please contact the Coordinator direct at the program.


The School provides information on Community activities that may be of interest to students and families but does not have specific knowledge of these activities and does not endorse or recommend a particular product or service that is listed.

Keyed Up Music will be teaching guitar lessons after school on Tuesdays at Anzac Terrace Primary School. Lessons start from $18.10 for a group lesson of 3 people.

To enrol, go to  or ring Therese on 1300 366 243.

Brady St Music

Brady St Music is aiming to provide musical workshops targeted at youths of all skills, abilities and backgrounds.

The workshops aim to promote self confidence, team work, leadership skills, increased focus and inclusion through a group orientated musical workshop that sees all participants learning and playing different musical instruments together over the course of the project. Inclusion, well being, individual and community identity are all parts of the projects themes.

Click here for more information.