Robo Academy for Kids – July 2019 Holidays

Hi past Robo Academy attendees,

Held at Curtin University, Robo Academy explores the fun of using LEGO MINDSTORM ROBOTS at three levels: Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced. Recommended ages are 8-15 years old. Workshops are run by Curtin FIRST Robotics Competition (FRC) mentors and students, and all money raised goes towards the Curtin FRC 2020 Season.

Dates: July 8-9   and   July 11-12

Venue: Curtin University, Engineering Pavilion, Building 215

Each workshop runs for 2 days, 10am to 3pm

Beginner: Ever wanted to know how to build a robot? Come along to the Beginner session where you’ll learn how to use Lego Mindstorms from the ground up! No experience required.

Intermediate: Have you worked with Lego Mindstorms before? Do you want to learn more? Our Intermediate sessions will test and improve on your programming and robot building skills!

Advanced: This workshop will have you testing your skills on the computer to learn even more controls with the Lego Mindstorms! Build your robot to be even better than before…

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