Honour Roll

Students receive Honour Certificates as acknowledgement for achievement in academic success, social skills and thoughtfulness to others.

Congratulations to the following students who have been presented with an Honour Certificate.

ECB 2Randy B and Skyla K
ECB 3Ivy H and Tomasz J
2Bria B and Winter L
3Matilda R and Rianne Felicity T
5John D and Lilli E
6Siena B and Charli W
11Florence Q and Charlie R
12Troy H and Marcus L
13Abigail B and Liam T
15Eunice B and Shenae W
17Blake C and Jacob K
18Jorja A and Ashutosh B
ArtJacob S and Nina Claire V
SportKaren V and Seth D

Being a Reading Sensation

As most of our students read each night, the BEARS reading program is not extra work for students, parents and caregivers or teachers, it is simply a method of calculating the number of nights the students read, and then rewards them at strategic numbers, eg 50, 100, 200 and so on.

Well done to the following students who have read for –

50 Nights
Room 2Seanuel A, Bria B, Harry D, Dhir G, Violet G, Matthew G,Trinity K, Rubylee Q, Estelle R, Harrison S and Evie T
Room 3Bea B, Chloe C, Josefina C, Boston C, Lily G, Talula H, Sienna H, Jax K, Edward M, Hydrich M, Meg N, Max N, Grace O, Bright Q, Matilda R, Jacob S, Ava T, Rianne Felicity T and Annabelle W
Room 5Rose A, Ruby C, John D, Simon L, Kaede M, Blake M, Reese N, Skye P, Samuel W and Callum W
Room 6Millicent B, Siena B, Emily C, Edwin D, Loki G, Dex H, Ivy H, Lacey J, Jacob L, Taj M, Harrison N, Leylah P, Yashraj R, Liam R, Jet S, Ava T, Charlieze T and Charli W
Room 11Emily B, Kai C, Antonin C, Jake H, Abigail I, Arwen L, Mitchell M, Florence Q, Maryanne Q and Bryce T
Room 12Brody A, Jayden D, Rosie G, Albert K, Poppy K, Masey L, Marcus L, Jasmine O, Indiana P, Mira-Cle P and Rosalie T
100 Nights
Room 2Robert F, Winter L, Kieran N and Chelsea S
Room 3Silas B and Blake G
Room 5Lilli E and Harrison V
Room 6Kai T

Aussie of the Month

The Aussie of the Month award recognises personal endeavour, achievement and contribution to the community. The awards also reflect some of the values we share as Australians, a sense of fair play, generosity of spirit, commitment to community participation and a real concern for the environment. Twice a Term, two students are chosen as the Aussies of the Month and the recipients are presented with the Aussie of the Month badge and certificate at a school assembly. The certificate and badge is kept by recipients as a memento of the occasion.

Congratulations to the following students who have been awarded Aussie of the Month!

Junior Aussie of the Month

Senior Aussie of the Month