Principal’s Post 28 June 2019

Winter Carnival

Congratulations to all students that competed in the Winter Carnival last week.  I had the absolute pleasure of watching all teams play and the prevailing theme amongst all teams and individuals was sportsmanship.  The games were played in the right spirit and opposition players were even congratulated by our students for scoring goals or for good play.  Considering some other schools were not as sporting, it was great to see our students representing our school this way.


Did you know that every day your child is absent, you must notify the school and explain why? This is a State requirement.   So in our efforts to make it easier for you to advise us of their absence, we have tried to streamline the process and give you more options. So now your options are: –

  1. Click on the absentee link on our website and fill out the brief form
  2. Log in to Connect and click on the link at the top of the page
  3. Verbally tell the teacher (face to face) or hand them a written note

All three methods are perfectly acceptable and will help you avoid the ‘please explain’ phone call from Mrs. Page. But please do not call the school phone number to explain the absence. This is no longer an acceptable method of notification.

Thank you to all parents that have taken advantage of our website to report absences, the number of emails we have received in the last fortnight have tripled … this makes the process so much easier for the school.

Semester 1 Reports

Semester one reports will go home to parents/caregivers on Friday 5th July. Every parent (except Kindy parents) will receive their child’s report via Connect. They will be uploaded so that you can download it to share with family or just to view it on screen. Connect is run by the Department of Education and is secure; it stores your child reports for the length of their primary and secondary education. If you need help with logging in to Connect, make sure you speak with Lina or Lorraine in the School Office and they will help you get access.

P&C Movie Night

On Friday 28th July (tonight), the P&C will be hosting a Movie Night.  The Movie will be The Lego Story 2.  I hope you’ve got your tickets.  If you haven’t, it’s not too late.  Tickets (without food deal) will be available at the door for $5.


Our website is continually changing and we are adding new pages and updating the content to ensure you are kept informed of all goings-on at Anzac Terrace PS.  Please make sure you come back regularly to see the changes.

Have a great weekend, and if I don’t see you before, happy holidays (see you in Term 3)  

Stuart Blackwood