Kindy GoldMrs DeWitt & Mrs RybaWednesday and Friday and every alternate Monday
Kindy BlueMrs DeWitt & Mrs RybaTuesday, Thursday and every alternate Monday
Pre-Primary ECB 2Miss Zivkovic, Mrs Keyser & Mrs Clark
Pre-Primary ECB 3Miss Patterson, Mrs Keyser & Mrs Knight
Year 1 Room 2Mrs Haslett (M, T, W), Mrs Phelan (Th and F) & Mrs Edmonds
Year 1 Room 3Mrs Ryba (W, Th, F), Mrs Hillan (M, T) & Mrs Jay
Years 2 Room 5Mrs Francis & Mrs Jay
Year 2 Room 6Ms Crosswell & Mrs Jay
Year 3 Room 11Mrs Ashmore
Year 2/3 Room 12Miss Stacey & Mrs Edmonds
Year 4 Room 17Mr Strachan (M & T), Mr Valincius (W, Th, F), Mrs Neser & Mrs Edmonds
Year 4 Room 18Mrs Crawford (M & T), Mr Bell (W,Th,F) & Ms Carter
Year 5/6 Room 15Mr Kaempf
Years 5/6 Room 14Mr Bosley
Year 5/6 Room 13Miss McAlpine
LOTE – JapaneseMr Archbold
LibraryMrs Page and Mrs Bowers
ArtMrs McCulloch
Phys EdMr Lea
ChoirMrs Jones
Administration Staff
Principal Mr Blackwood
Deputy MMr Strachan
Deputy FMrs Page
Manager Corporate Services Mrs Harrison
School Officer Mrs Kelly
Relief Mrs Cicanese
Relief Mr Higgins
School PsychologistMrs Devenish
librarianMrs Illich
Gardener Mr Linardi
Cleaner in-charge Mrs Welch
Cleaner Mrs Clancy
Cleaner Ms Sherratt